Usos del acrílico

Why you should buy Vical SA acrylic sheet

» Major transparency and clearness.

» Free of impurities.

» Uniformity in thickness.

» Wide range of thickness in sheet.

» Variety of products: sheets, rods, tubes, adhesives

» The acrylic is suitable for contact with food according to the rules of the FDA.

» Best resistance to cracks.

» Excelente resistencia a la intemperie.

» Superb resistance to weathering

» Personalized attendance and technical service

» Quality well known all over the world.

» Permanency of the trade mark in the market.

Advantages of acrylic compared to another similar products

» Less density than glass

» One of the material with the greatest transparency and light transmission.

» High resistance to UV rays and solar radiation.

» Great capacity for thermoforming.

» Easy to machine

» Possibility to re polish the surface.

» Recyclable product.

» Easy cleaning.

» Wide range of colors.

» Good resistance to flexion.

» Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

» Efficient electrical insulator.

» Good rigidity.

» High refraction index that allows the transmission of light in curved pieces.



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Approval for use in contact with food according to the FDA.

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