Vical S.A. is a company devoted to the manufacturing of cast acrylic sheets, tubes & rods.

We’ve been producing sheets, rods & tubes in a wide range of sizes and colors, and special characteristics. We are one of the unique manufacturer of thick sheets up to five inches (or 127 mm) and round rods up to 8 inches (200 mm) of diameter, in the world. We are the only manufacturer of casting tubes in Latin America.
To complete our line of products we have a special set of adhesives to be used in objects and structure of acrylic.

Vical S.A. manufacture there products with virgin raw material (without being recycled). This allows us an excellent quality: more transparency, maximum flattening, without foreign particles, and excellent physical-chemistry and mechanical properties.

The uniformity of the thickness of the sheet produced by Vical S.A. is one of the best of the market.
Since 1973, we have been exporting our products to USA, Mexico, Latin America. Since 2003 we’ve expanded our market to Europe and Oceania.
Our policy is based on honesty, transparency and the care of the environment.

Certification for use in contact with food, according to FDA.

Vical crystal acrylic products are regulated for food contact under 21CFR177.1010. The set of tests under these conditions have been made at INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology-Argentina) and the certificate is available.




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Approval for use in contact with food according to the FDA.

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