The acrylic is a plastic that can be recycled when heated at a certain temperature. The material depolymerize and the monomer is again generated. This material recycled can be again polymerized forming a product of inferior quality. Its very important to know that Vical SA do not use recycled raw material in none of their products.

The crystal acrylic is not toxic for human beings. This material is bio-compatible. It is used for dental implants and prosthesis. Its also proved the use of acrylic in contact with food.

Yes, in contrast with other materials like glass and polycarbonate, etc. Is possible to repair the scratches on the acrylic surface in a fast and simple way. They can be polished and sanding or simply polishing according to the depth of the cracks.
To get further information about this process, read the section polishing and sanding in technical information.

The acrylic is a material that can be damaged if its cleaned with any product that is not adequate. The acrylic is scratched in contact abrasives or shaped objets.
A big quantity of products used commonly in the household can damage the surface of the acrylic producing crazing on the surface.
To clean the acrylic specific products must be used.
It can also be used neutral soap and water. For further information you can read the section cleaning of acrylic in technical information.

The appearance of crazing is one of the common defects that can be observed in the piece of acrylic that has had a long use. The principal cause is a bad cleaning of the material.
Another cause can be the exposure of the acrylic to vapors of liquids that attack the acrylic chemically, so it is advisable to read resistance to chemicals in technical information. The mechanical operation such as cutting, sanding, polishing, thermoforming, etc. crate tensions in the material. These tension helps to produce cracks in the material.

It cant be make by heating because this material deforms when exposed to temperatures higher to 90 C. It is advisable to use gases or gamma rays for this purpose.

Acrylic produced by Vical SA is apt for external use. Our products have additives that absorb the UV radiation and protect the material from the action of this rays, that generally produce cracking and yellowing. Our products have been classified by UL (Underwriter Laboratories) as apt for external use. For further information read the section Certifications.



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